Your Unique Collection Make You Unique As Well

Collections tell a lot about a person. Whether it be the traditional coin collection, stamps, vintage records, etc. I personally collect vintage records and it shows to my side of loving music and history. Someone who collects stamps may be into older history or perhaps different cultures from around the world. Some people may also be in the collection game to turn a profit, and that can be a very lucrative enterprise. I personally know a woman who collected Barbie dolls, from the very first one to the most current one of five years ago. She made thousands of dollars from the collection. I have another friend who collects Eagles football memorabilia. Old ticket stubs, autographed photo’s, used footballs and jerseys, anything and everything he can get his hands on. He was offered over five thousand dollars for the whole collection but refused as he is a die hard fan and told me no amount of money would be worth it. Many collections also go from family member to family member and hold significance there. My record collection was started by my father in 1968 and has been passed to me and I hope someday to pass it down to my child.

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