How Far Would You Go To Get Your Collection

Bilbo had the right idea when he titled his book there and back again. I think it shows the length some of us would go to get what we want, even if it means going to the end of the earth. For me I think that is the strongest indicator of how valuable my collection item is to me. People always say it is the journey that is important and not always the destination. The lengths gone to, time spent, and final price paid all add up to what an object is worth. So I think the important question is what would you not do?

Many times people would say “I’ll give my…to get my hands on…” I think that just about draws the line on how far anyone would go. Because eventually you will come across the item where you would not give your…to get it. That said at the end of the day we are still collectors and much like hunters and archaeologists once we are on the scent of something it becomes an obsession. Therefore, the final measure that sets the trinkets apart from the treasure is how long we would spend trying to get it, because dedicating a lifetime is going pretty far in some books.

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